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Sculptures in Stone Sculptures of People, Animals and Signs from Stone.

Welcome to Sculptures in Stone, featuring stone sculptures by artists, Fred Bero, Jack McEntire. and Nick Bero.  These skilled artists create exquisitely detailed works of art from a large range of stones and rocks. 

Custom orders are always welcomed. 

Sculptures in Stone uses many types of stone from Basalt, granite, marble sandstone, soapstone, and even pumas.  These artist are even available for onsite stone sculpturing.  Any type of rock you may have in your landscaping may be used also be used. Rock by your driveway house or business can be transformed in any type of monumental sculpture.  Business signage and Logos are also commissions we are willing to take on.  Sculptures in Stone specializes in monumental stone sculptures, but can do just about anything.  

Sculptures in Stone does create abstract sculpture and realistic carvings, as well as signage and the combination of all within one piece or scene.  There is a wide range of animals like bears, eagles, horses, wolves, elk and even mystical beast like dragons or wizards can be created.       

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